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Kho Kho Game Rules and Regulation

Kho Game Rules–

Today we are going to discuss Kho Game Rules. Seeing that Kho game is advancing along these lines, it tends to be said that this game has gotten an exceptionally major game, in this you should remember Kho Game Rules that you need to play this with full room guideline, so today we will give you Will clarify about its properties.

Kho Game Rules

Kho Game Rules

We are discussing Kho Game Rules. So to play Kho-Kho you will require 11 players, out of which two players will get down to play on the contribute which 9 players will sit confronting each other inverse way. Each group will be given 7 minutes for an innings, in these 7 minutes game, the players need to show their presentation. The two groups need to complete their particular group innings in their standard time.

As all of you would know, the state of the Kho game field is rectangular and the length of the ground is 29 meters. The width of the Kho field is 16 meters and it is in a rectangular gathering in 2 lines of Kho field.

It is separated into eight, and the quantity of classes is eight, and to discuss playing kho, there are two pixies.

Kho Game Rules –

Turning into the sprinter is chosen by Toss.

In the event that the chaser contacts the sprinter with the hand, the sprinter is run out.

He can't ascend from his place until the chaser is lost.

The chaser needs to recall that he can't run until he has the opening. On the off chance that he does, he is out.

The chaser needs to remember that in the wake of getting enough, he will run the other way of the chaser who came.

Expected to Play Kho-Kho–

In the event that you are playing Kho game, at that point Kho Game Rules ought to be remembered. We disclosed to you that kho-kho is the most established game in India, presently we will mention to you what things you have to play kho-kho, on the off chance that you need to play a game, at that point it is important for you to play from They play simply in the wake of finishing the prerequisites first.

We accept that on the off chance that you are playing a game, at that point both the guidelines and the guideline assume a significant job in it. Without rule guideline you can't play that game in a way and its choice will likewise not be good, so we are disclosing to you which one you should play kho.


Lime powder 

Estimating tape

The string Two rings of 30 cm and 40 cm

Fixed to record score


Stop observe

The stronghold

History of Kho–

In the event that we talk about the historical backdrop of Kho, it was first played in 1914. We are additionally called the most established round of India and alongside the old round of India, it is likewise viewed as a developing game. The historical backdrop of Kho is old to such an extent that it was before played distinctly in India however now with the evolving times, it is played everywhere throughout the world.

Kho was an antiquated game played in Maharashtra. Was. Prior this game was known as Ratheda yet steadily with the difference in time, its name likewise changed, presently it is known as Kho. India is a game, however with the evolving times, it is spreading its feet.

The Kho game set aside a long effort to get its guidelines and it got its standards in the twentieth century, presently this game is played completely and The name of the association that controls Kho will be Kho Corporation of India.

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